Eck’s Saloon: (weekly)
Happy Hour Daily 6pm-8pm ($3 wells & mixers)
Mon: Service Industry Night (40% off for service workers)
Tue & Wed: Free Pool
Wed: Ladies Night ($2 wells & mixers 9pm-12am)

Karaoke 7 nights a week, 9pm-2am, Sun after Comedy.
Open Comedy: Sun, 8pm.
BCA Pool Tournament: Wed nights, $20 buy in, sign up 7pm.

Antero Hall: (March, 2022)
3/22 8:00pm: Portvl Open Decks (EDM/Riddim)
3/23 7:00pm: Open Rock Jam – Host: One Eye Sophie
3/24 8:00pm: Open Decks (EDM)
3/25 8:00pm: TBA (EDM)
3/26 7:00pm: Lumino (Mongolian Rap)
3/27 6:00pm: The Recovery Room (EDM)
3/28 7:00pm: Open Funk Jam
3/29 8:00pm: Portvl Open Decks (EDM/Riddim)
3/30 7:00pm: Open Rock Jam
3/31 7:00pm: House Battles (EDM)

Antero Hall: (April, 2022)
4/1 8pm: Dirty Side Down (Rock / Hard Rock)
4/2 8pm: Hip Hop (TBA)
4/7 7pm: Antero Hall of Hip Hop: Loktavious (Hip-Hop)
4/11 6pm: The Marijuana Mafia & Kace Cayne (Hip-Hop)
4/15 6pm: Humanity, Vissia, Chemo & Son of Stump (Hard Rock/Black Metal)
4/16 8:30pm: Varlok (MO), Special Guest, Gods Remains (AZ), Malum Mortuus (Denver, CO)
4/21 8:00pm: Countdown Denver: OFFICIAL SO2022 Pre-Party (EDM)
4/29 8:00pm: The Mentors, Terroristik Threat (TX), The GPC’s, Nemesis of Neglect (Sleaze Rock / Metal)

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