Eck’s Saloon was established in 1981 by its namesake, Mr. Gary Eckert, in what is still our front bar & patio where it got the reputation as a biker bar in the 80’s & 90’s. Over time it expanded to include the majority of the building as a pool hall & live music venue.

Michael Bruno purchased the business from Gary in the mid-90’s and along with its sister bar, Iliff Park Saloon in Aurora, CO, both locations focused on bringing in a constant stream of the best in local, national and international rock and hard rock performers which continued to around 2011.

2012 saw the bar change hands to a string of owners who, due to bad management, unforeseen circumstances, changing music tastes and a lack maintenance to the building, saw its reputation ruined with the local community and it ultimately closed in 2014.

New Year’s Eve 2016 the location re-opened as Silver Spur Saloon, and although a number of changes were made, bad business decisions combined with a lack of ethics and leadership made it too difficult to overcome the reputation of its forebears, and it closed again in August of 2018 and lost building occupancy.

The new and current owner was the stage manager for the prior owner and having revered in the history of its stage, decided to spend all his available time cleaning and modernizing the stage, sound, light & network systems to bring them to their full potential.

The decision was made to return the front bar to the old name as its beloved by the local community, and everyone in the music scene knows it, but we’ve separated the back to Antero Hall for the music stage in order to differentiate it from its hard rock roots, and country failings.

Its taken over 18 months to get to here. So many repairs have been done to the building we would barely know where to start, but we regained building occupancy in February of 2019, opened and spent the year earning enough to settle the old owners debts, continue with repairs and now we’re something new. Something better.

April, 2020… a new beginning. Now that the kitchen repairs are finished and its licensed, we’ve regained our liquor license!

We hope to earn your business and be around for many years to come.