Eck’s Saloon was established in June 1981 by Mr. Gary Eckert in our front bar, restaurant & patio. Over time it expanded to include the majority of the building and was known for the pool hall & live music venue. After bringing in local radio station KBPI it became one of the premier live music destinations in metro Denver and employed 32 people.

In 1998, after Gary decided he needed a change, the business was sold to Michael Bruno, who owned its sister bar, Iliff Park Saloon, and both locations continued to focus on bringing in the best in local, national and international rock and hard rock performers until 2011.

2012 saw the bar change hands to a string of owners who, due to bad management, unforeseen circumstances, changing music tastes and a lack of building maintenance, saw its reputation ruined with the local community and it ultimately closed in 2014.

After sitting empty for a period of time, Simon Compari took over in 2016 and spent the next year working on it. Silver Spur Saloon opened its doors New Year’s Eve 2017 and although a number of great improvements were made, lingering safety and maintenance issues made it difficult to manage. It closed in August 2018 when building occupancy was lost from an inadequate fire alarm.

The current owner was stage manager for Simon, who having revered in the history, has spent the past two years bringing the building up to code, cleaned & modernized the stage, replaced the sound, light & network systems, bringing everything to its full potential.

The decision was made to return the front bar to Eck’s Saloon to honor its history as its beloved by the local community and the music scene all but demanded it, but we’re calling the stage area Antero Hall in order to differentiate it from its hard rock roots and country failings.

Building occupancy was regained in February of 2019 and after many sputtering starts we were finally ready to go in March of 2020, the week before COVID-19 lock-downs began.

Effective June, 2021 we’re still here, COVID-19 regulations have been lifted and we are open for business!

If you’ve got pictures or stories, send them to and and we’ll add them to our gallery, or come on by and tell us in person. We LOVE learning more about the history of this place and the surrounding neighborhood.