Now that we’re allowed to have customers indoors again, karaoke will return January 6th and every Wednesday night! However, there’s such limited space in the front bar… so to give as much distance between singers, & groups we’re going to use the Antero Hall main stage with concert level sound.

This gives us the best configuration possible, and combined with our other protocols you can safely relax and enjoy. Microphones are sanitized & rotated every singer (feel free to bring your own if you prefer!), minimum distance from the stage to the audience is over 20 feet and we’ve got hand sanitizer on every table.

Our owner hosted karaoke shows around town for over a decade before bringing it here and performed at many of Denver’s most prominent karaoke bars. Consequently we’ve got one of the most organized & diverse legally purchased karaoke collections to be found in town!

Eventually COVID-19 will be behind us and we’ll get back to full capacity. When we get there karaoke will return to the front stage in Eck’s Saloon Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights so live music can dominate as it should.