It starts… again.

After giving things a trial run last night, we have decided to move forward with being open daily Tue-Sun from 5pm.

Its worth reminding people at this time we are primarily a restaurant with a bar, and food is primary focus. We’ve spent a lot of time preparing for it and think you’ll enjoy it.

CDPHE say we need to sanitize tables between guests, employees must wear masks, one person per bathroom at a time, and no service at the bar if its being used for preparing things and of course maintain distancing without jumping between groups. These aren’t optional for us.

Concerts, pool, darts, video games… fun… they will return in time. The hall and pool rooms are locked off to public while we continue to clean them up.

For now, be considerate and let us do what we’re supposed to by doing your part.

Oh yeah, kitchen phone is offline for the weekend… will be resolved asap.

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