Eck’s returns June 5th!

We’ll be open 11am to 3pm, and 5pm to midnight Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri & 10am to midnight Sat/Sun for curbside pickup plus indoor seating and patio, following all ordinances for social distancing until restrictions are lifted.

This currently limits us to 50 people indoors, 6 feet between tables, single use dishware & cups, plus sanitizing between guests. Masks will be required until seated and when moving around the bar. Pathways will be clearly marked on the floors. Apologies, but video games, pool tables and darts will not be available for the time being.

There will be wait times and we’ll do our best to accommodate everyone while we figure it out. Reservations can be made by our main number at (720) 484-6408 starting on Thursday or email us HERE, and walk-in customers are welcome, but reservations are recommended.

Fri, Sat & Sun we’re booking solo entertainers either indoors on the Eck’s stage or on the outdoor patio stage. Check the calendar for dates & times or they’ll be listed on our Facebook page: Eck’s Saloon

The patio is currently being refreshed to be more open and it is mandatory smokers stay in the designated smoking area, 25 feet from the door.

There’s an all new menu which will be posted this week with means to order online or call the kitchen directly at (720) 287-2926.

Antero Hall will open after we finish some upgrades we’re working on and have it all cleaned up. Right now live entertainment with crowds is up in the air and once we have a plan in place we’ll let you know. There will be private events unavailable to the public going on such as music video recording and rehearsals, so don’t mind the noise!

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